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Client Remarks

🇧🇷Carlos is an excellent professional in the Real Estate area, whether residential or commercial, always presenting interesting projects throughout Florida, especially in the Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville areas. Surely, whoever requests his services will always be well served🇧🇷. "

Wellington Vilela, MNV Energy

🇧🇷In more than two years of professional relationship, Carlos Eduardo has demonstrated knowledge of the real estate market, professionalism, and negotiation skills."

Ronaldo Toccafondo, Toccafondo Management

" I would recommend Carlos and Ponto Miami Realty to anyone who is looking for more than a Realtor. Carlos Silva is an experienced advisor in the Florida real estate market, who defends the interests of clients in all situations, even when deal does not close, serving with sympathy and kindness typical of people who take pleasure in doing what they do."

Flavio Araripe, Coral Gables

🇧🇷 I approached Carlos to assist us in an investment decision - a short term rental home in Orlando. We had already talked to other brokers, but his objectivity and attention impressed us. He not only deeply understands this type of property but is also passionate about what he does. 🇧🇷

FA Duarte, Orlando

🇧🇷 Carlos Eduardo was our faithful squire in the difficult battle of finding our 'home'. We were not only looking for a place to live - but a special place. He was always by our side, searching for options, marking and accompanying us on visits, mediating and suggesting approaches in negotiations. It was relentless! There were many properties to get to our 'home'. After a while, already worried that we weren't finalizing any business, I told him: 'Hold on! Do not give up on us! ' The answer: 'You can rest easy, my friend! I will never give up. We'll find your house! ' And we found it. We are happy here! To our already friend Ado (his nickname) is our very thank you 🇧🇷

Ricardo Araujo Silva, Coral Gables

Florida Real Estate

MIAMI & South Florida


We have years of experience with South Florida's Real Estate Market, involved in BUYING, SELLING, and LEASING transactions - residential and commercial - in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Coral Gables, and most of the region's areas.

ORLANDO & Central Florida

We are also pretty active in Orlando and the Central Florida Market, where we got involved in different developments projects, both residential and commercial, and developed an important experience with short-term rental properties.

Investment Projects


Ponto Miami Realty is involved with several development opportunities, and throughout the years we were able to create strong partnerships with players that can act in all phases of a Real Estate Project.

Commercial Real Estate

We provide services to entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities in Florida: Ponto Miami Realty already dealt properties, such as gas stations, convenience stores, warehouses, stores, etc.

Ronaldo Toccafondo, Toccafondo Management

Flavio Araripe, Coral Gables

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